Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mirror Texture Map, and Dynamic Base Modeling

Happy Wednesday,

Here are two short tools currently in development that I made:

Mirror Texture Map


Make Base Model Auto Edit Blend Targets

Both tools are still in development, so I'd suggest making sure
to backup your scene before using them.

To use Mirror Texture Map
-source 'naMirrorUV.mel'
-select uv-shell to mirror
-type 'naMirrorTextureMap()'

To use Make Base Model Auto Edit Blend Targets
-source 'naCpBaseToTarget.mel'
-select 'base model' (the model that isn't your blendshapes )
-type 'naCpBaseToTargetOn;'
to end script
-type 'naCpBaseToTargetOff();'

One added tool is:
Copy Geo To New Geo

copy one geometry to a new geometry with identical vertex labels.
(i recommend doing this to your blendshapes prior to using the -Make Base Model Auto Edit Blend Targets- tool (avoids tweak connection problems relate to using a blendhShape with history and/or with non-translate modifications).

Copy Geo To New Geo
-source 'naApplyVertexToNewPoly.mel'
-select geometry (the things we want to copy)
-type 'naCopyGeometry({-5.0,0.0,0.0},`ls -sl`,"default_geo");'
(first number is x,y,z offset for duped geometry)
(last element name for the model that will be duped and modified to look like selected geos)

Firat Enderoglu
(I learned about dynamic blendShape from reading his online tutorials)