Saturday, March 17, 2012

na_pick v1.0.0

Download this if you want the main tool directly

Download these as well if you want to use ui

Why: instead of having to go to connection editor 36 times to connect fk, ik rotate and translate for 3 main joints
we can press a button 6 times.

What: Makes blend color node and connects either translate or rotate of fk, ik joint into the main joint while updating the attribute to make switch between them. Note that it expects to find the control things for picking.

How to Use :
joint -- name of your primary joint the one being controlled by either fk or ik
ik_joint -- name of ik joint
fk_joint -- name of fk joint
control -- name of the thing that you can type fk or ik to pick
attribute -- name of the attribute enum for fk or ik picking
prefix -- what should prefix of back end node be ex: (l_hand) would give something like (l_hand_translate_blend)

You could use it on the shelf by typing it into a new command.
Just type it in mel script editor and drag it to a shelf on your scene.
Also just download the ui, tool, and helper script and place them in your scripts directory (the one Maya looks in automatically when you start it up).

Type this to get it so you can click an icon and bring up ui (if you have scripts else where change the part inside \" \").

eval( "source \"fk_IK_pick.mel\";" );
eval( "source \"fk_ik_pickUI.mel\";" );
eval( "source \"na_ui.mel\";" );
//name joint, name fk then ik, then animator control, animator attribute, prefix for blend node