Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tip Hot Key Editor -- Toggle Joint Display

Here are couple workflow tips. First using hot key to toggle display of joints, this may come in handy during rigging.  The other tip is to use Outliner's reveal selected.  It helps skip in outliner directly to the object selected, which may come in handy when using the hypergraph.

(tip to add it as hot key)
1. go to hot key editor
2. use echo all in script editor to see what command is
3. go to user in hot key editor
4. click new
5. type name no spaces can use underscores
6. type command
7. click accept
8. click out window
9. click back in hot key editor type key for short cut into commands (could check list all to see what hot keys were unused)

example typing (command;) toggles between display of joints:

int $mode = `modelEditor -q -joints modelPanel4`;
//why 1 minus is so we can use one hot key to toggle both
modelEditor -e -joints (1-$mode) modelPanel4;

Hope this was helfpul.