Sunday, November 11, 2012

UH Rig

This is the first dog rig I built for a character I designed and modeled in Maya 2008, I'm still learning rigging so the rig has lots of bugs and has limited features:

-- mostly it uses only ik
-- has some neck and torso stretching
-- has little face control other than blinking and eye look at
-- has a couple of layers to show/hide animator controls but it doesn't hide the geometry automatically with them
-- it has a layer to show/hide the surface rig and/or show or hide the parented geo anim rig
(If we just wanted the anim rig I think things would still work if removed one of the two root groups (the one with skinning nodes) which I think will remove extra constraints and nodes only needed for the surface based rig and might make the file faster to use.)

-- most of the backend joints are templated but it still requires manually hiding joints at startup to not see them. (to hide joints after open file in the menu with View,Shading,Show .. Panels in Maya 2008 I think it would be above the perspective window but below the icons, go to Show>joints to show/hide joints)

Hope you find it helpful.
(2.8MB) UH Dog Rig


Inspired by Jason Schleifer's Animator Friendly Rigging (jasonschleifer dot com)