Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tip Iteration on a concept to cartoony

I tried out today giving myself a 15 minute time limit to come up with 5 cartoony ideas based
on an original concept I drew.
I liked doing this because I got to reuse an older drawing i made so the drawing didn't have to just sit in a folder not to be seen.

I show the old drawing which i didn't like so much, then I show doodles I made in photoshop where the cartoony guys take on variations of the original pose.  With the last 5 minutes of the time limit I made an attempt at  a size comparison of these guys.  All this was done with little idea of what I was trying to draw just that I wanted the cartoony guys to look cartoony, at times I thought I want this to be a dog, or I want this to be a squirrel (i think I chose these animals because they are two animals I have drawn from life before), or I want this to be bigger than the other...

(a little tip i found was: rather getting stuck with having to deal with lots of psd files it was helpful to take a screenshot of work in progress image which could then be easily pasted into a new psd file so the reference is still there.  This helped me to make the rough size comparison without having to remember what the cartoony guys looked like because I copy and pasted the older image I made into the psd file).

Hope this was helpful.