Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tips: Smile Face Rig Sculpting And Workflow

Happy Sunday,
I noticed on this smile test that the edgeloop for the smile needs to run into the nose more smoothly so it can flow further to the nose.  Also without eyeballs, teeth and tongue modeled it limits what shapes can be tested.

This workflow may be a good one it took about 30 minutes to sculpt this test and a script idea to make a shape out of two blendshapes and leave base shape unchanged would speed up the workflow.
Here are some random workflow ideas I was brainstorming:

- make a rig face model idea from a concept design (ex: use design drawings)

- semi technicals (ex scrunch, smile) I think by testing some shapes I got a better feel of the 3D model I sculpted.  Maybe this idea can be applied to scripts like mouth elipse type shape.

… maybe iterating on topology and getting a feel of the character by testing out shapes and technical ideas.

Checkout Brian Tindall's amazing face rigging page:
hippydrome dot com (Mesh Design Face)

Also inspired by
Jason Schleifer's Animator Friendly Rigging (jasonschleifer dot com)