Thursday, June 27, 2013


Happy Thursday,

This is a tool I wrote in MEL to help with retopoligizing a hi resolution mesh (example one created in Zbrush). Hope you find the tool helpful. Demo (


//Author: Nathaniel Anozie (ogbonnawork at gmail dot com, nathananozie dot blogspot dot com)
//Modify at your own Risk
//Tested Maya 2008.  To Install copy and paste script into MEL script editor or source it. 
//Draw some EP curves on a live mesh then run the command: na_curveToPoly.

//--convert selected ep curves to polygons
global proc na_curveToPoly(){
    string $sel[] = `ls -sl`;
    int $N = size($sel) - 1;
    if($N <= 0){error("Requires Two or More Selected EP curves!!!\n");}
    //make sure all are curves
    for($j = 0; $j < size($sel); $j++){ string $curve[] = {}; $curve = `pickWalk -d down $sel[$j]`; select -r $curve[0];
    if(size(`ls -sl -type nurbsCurve`)!=1){error("Requires All Selected EP Curves!!!\n");}  }
    string $loft[], $shape[], $shapeTesselate[], $allLoft[];
    for($i = 0; $i < $N; $i++){
        string $curveA = $sel[$i];//ex. curve1
        string $curveB = $sel[$i+1];//reason range needs to be one less than size
        string $loft[] = `loft -ch 1 -u 1 -c 0 -ar 1 -d 3 -ss 1 -rn 0 -po 1 -rsn true $curveA $curveB`;
        $shape = {};
        $shape = `pickWalk -d down $loft[0]`;
        $shapeTesselate = {};
        $shapeTesselate = `listConnections -type nurbsTessellate $shape[0]`;
        setAttr ($shapeTesselate[0]+"."+"polygonCount") 1;//so were four vert polys
        delete -ch $loft[0];
        $allLoft[size($allLoft)] = $loft[0];
    delete $sel;//clean up curves
    polyUnite -ch 0 $allLoft;//combine all lofted surfaces