Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zbrush for getting rough shape for Maya Topology

Happy Thursday,

I'm new to zbrush but I found it really helpful making a rough shape in zbrush and in maya using that shape as a guide for getting topology okay.  Here I show how I used this technique on adding a low poly nose. I modeled the starting snout in maya, exported it as .obj, imported it into zbrush edited in zbrush exported to .obj, imported it back into maya.  Then I used the zbrush nose as a start for the low poly modeling.  I selected lots of edge loops and deleted them.  Then I reworked the nose topology.

nose modeled in zbrush

comparing starting low poly snout with the added high poly nose

after beginning with high poly nose, removing and rerouting some edge loops.
I think an advantage of this technique is that during topology phase can focus on topology.  By having the hi res version as template and by beginning with the hi res model lots of the curvature of the design isn't lost.


Inspired by:
Ronnie Ashlock surlybird dot com (ImportDetail tutorial)