Saturday, September 7, 2013

Corrective Maya Command and Mel Function Usage Finding Tip

Happy Saturday,

Tip: Finding Mel functions using Bash Profile, or some other type of file like it.
I added this to my .bash_profile file to print out all occurrences of argument in mel code

findCmd () { cd /Users/noa/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2008/prefs/scripts/na_mel; grep -n "$@" *; } 
it allowed me to find old mel code i wrote that I forgot how to use. I ran
findCmd driven  
findCmd drivenKey 
to try to find places where I used this.

Tool: I wrote a Maya command plugin to help with sculpting corrective. I'm beginning to use it on deformation testing. Here is a work in progress example on hips.


I wrote a set driven key wrapper tool that uses Maya's set driven key but can do multiple driver points in one line. It was helpful for driving corrective blendshape in one axis. (na_setSDK)

Inspired by Kiaran Ritchie's Art Of Rigging Vol I, Chapter 6 Muscles and Fat