Saturday, December 7, 2013

A couple tips for sculpting and rigging

Hi There,

Today I wanted to share a few tips I learned from some amazing artists that may be helpful.

One is a rigging learning tip timeline.  First begin with just making a blendshape based face rig (which allows to just focus on modeling skill). Then from there try to make a robot like skeleton rig (which allows us to focus on skeleton creation skill without being interrupted by skinning).  Third try skinning a cartoony simple mesh (which allows to start working on the art of deformation, and some squashing and stretching) … then continue learning and learning...

Another is an art related tip.  To use reference or have a sketch idea before trying to start sculpting.  To work on something that is fun.  And to possibly iterate on few projects to allow to improve on work.

And here's a scripting tip.  This is when faced with tons of code one approach is to try not to think of understanding all of it and once, but instead to go inside a function and just understand what one line does.  Then after that the next line …  Then when done understanding what every line does then try to see what the function does as a whole.

Finally I'm posting a work in progress original concept / model that i'm sculpting.  I think sculpting something that is fun makes sculpting enjoyable.  Also collecting reference on things that I like and enjoy makes sculpting fun.

(zbrush tip: if cut off a section of model and get weird end behavior, try masking just the end section piece (could use lasso mask brush) > reverse selection (ctrl+click off of mesh) > then use a flatten brush and paint the end area.  This should be able to clean up the wierd ends of cut mesh)


Inspired by,
Oli Fernandez (nibbledpencil dot com)
Jerril Yoo
Jonathan King