Friday, December 20, 2013

Mocap Transfer Tool idea


I was thinking of writing a Mocap transfer tool that can be used on cartoony or realistic rigs.

I was thinking it should
1. be able to handle different rotation axis between mocap and custom rig
2. be able to handle different skeleton lengths between mocap and custom rig

I'm still exploring a way to address 2. 
I'm thinking by having locators for the joints in common between mocap and custom and having user adjust locators producing a 0-1 scale factor that gets multiplied by appropriate channel of mocap key before the output is finally fed to our cutom rig control. 
Also a mapping between custom rig control and locator is needed to.  I'm suspecting a standard 3 locators for arms and legs, and maybe 2 or 3 for spine, and maybe 2 for head and neck. 

Maybe each locator has 2 attributes one telling it anim control of custom rig and the other telling it mocap joint name. 

For exploring 1.
Maybe each locator has a pair of 3 extra enum attributes like (xyz, zxy ...). So locator can tell for each t and r channel how to map mocap key to and custom rig key (that is we don't want mocap rotation of arm up to be a rotation of arm forward in custom rig...