Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rigging and Modeling


I began to combine 15min with 30 minute sessions. 
This image was a result of 45min of work ( 1, 15 min session and 1, 30 minute session).

These images was a result of 90min of work. ( 1, 15 min session and 1, 30 minute session) and (3, 15 min sessions)

Over the course of this character td training I was developing Zbrush technical knowledge (zsphere, zremesher/project) and workflow knowledge (timing components of task to give an idea of when task needs to be finished by). Example I broke down initial blocking of character where I came up with the character design in Zbrush to 1, 15minute session and the mesh blocking for it to 1 30 minute session.
Then I broke down initial clothing, face, hair to  (two (15min and 30 min sessions).  I think getting better organization on this will be helpful.... I think i'll dedicate a couple more sessions on this one for foot refining, face refining, finger refining,  and martial arts tools then i'll call this one done.