Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tip: Using Drawovers to Iterate on Mesh Deformation Skin Painting

Happy Thursday,

I've started to find it helpful to constantly preview movies of deformation and jot down sketch overs of problem area.  Then go back into maya to try to correct the draw overs that were problematic.  One major advantage of note taking on the movie is its much easier to scroll on timeline of movie than in Maya where the scene can quickly get complicated or may be slow.  A second advantage is it sort of helps to focus on specific tasks to do in Maya to help improve on weighting.  Third it allows to stay conceptually on rough weighting and not get distracted yet with more finer tuning weighting to happen later.

Here I show some before and afters on an original character model and design i created.

Here's an example showing how some problematic areas were identified.

Here's an example showing how using smooth tool helped to correct some weird artificats this can later on after some initial rough skin weighting

Here a slightly different application i created but in modeling.


Inspired by
Bruno Simoes (drumkickfilms dot com)
Michael Navarro (mikeanavarro dot com)
Carlos Sansonetti (carlosansonetti dot com)
Aaron Holly