Monday, April 7, 2014

A couple tips for modeling in ZBrush and Maya


Here are a couple tips i found while modeling two original characters in ZBrush and Maya that may be helpful:

-- hot key to switch between move mode of vertex between object and normal mode.  Here is a short MEL script i wrote to do that (just need to create a new hotkey and paste the code into hotkey editor )

//toggle between normal and object move
int $mode = `manipMoveContext -q -mode Move`;
//if in object mode put in normal mode otherwise put in object mode
if($mode == 0){
manipMoveContext -e -mode 3 Move;
manipMoveContext -e -mode 0 Move;

//extending this similar idea for hotkeys to switch between vertex,face,object selection modes is very helpful.

-- using ZBrush rotation tool to change from T-Pose of character (note for masking i pressed ctrl and drew a box over center of character then to add mask parts could hold ctrl with pen mask tool.  and to remove masked parts hold ctrl+alt then paint out parts we want to unmask).

-- using ZBrush silhouette mode (v hotkey) to help model using silhouette

-- using ZBrush zsphere's as starting points for creating shapes to work with

Hope you find these tips helpful.


Inspired by
Andre Rodriguez (dre3d dot com)