Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some uses of lasso mask and clip curve in ZBrush


Today i wanted to share a couple useful tips in modeling in ZBrush.

First i' wanted to start creating the eye lids for an original character concept so i started with inserted a sphere then i used the clip curve brush to cut half the sphere away.

Its a little tricky using the clip curve,  first select it from brushes then:
press ctrl+shift , and with shift still held hold space bar to get a straight line, and rotate mouse around until the greyed area is in area we want to cut.

Second, I wanted to begin making some hair from a spherical head shape so i made use of the lasso tool.  By masking an area want side burns then reversing selection can use move tool to extrude the area outward.  The lasso mask tool is amazing for just working on a particular area we want while not accidentally changing some other part of shapes.

Last a smaller hint is to use the duplicate on a created subtool to reuse it.  Example I used the outer eyeball and duplicated it, scaled it down to make the inner pupils.  I also duplicated outer eyeball into two new subtools for the upper and lower lid starting points.

Here are some example images.

Hope this was helpful,