Thursday, April 3, 2014

Using draw over notes as goal points for modeling and rigging

Happy Thursday,

Something i've found very helpful in iterating over a model or creating a deformation is using a draw over to define what the goal we're trying to create is.  I found making these draw-overs (sometimes in red) went very fast and when in ZBrush i've found can try to address the notes without being restricted artistically.

I use these similar techniques in defining how corrective shapes should look in making deformations (i'll be posting an original character i modeled, designed and created deformations for very soon)

In the meantime here's an example of using these ideas on an original character i designed and i'm sculpting.  Here i show the evolution of my original character design and model using these draw over techniques.

the first sketch i made on an extremely rough model i made in ZBrush...
 after a couple draw overs some features of the design start to show up more clearly

Hope you find this tip helpful.

Happy sketching.


//also here is a short hot key script i wrote to toggle templating of selected .. templating
//is very helpful in organizing scene with say lots of rigging nodes.. like ex: a torso and arm's
//deformation rigs and correctives .. we can work on each separately and 
//template the other so we dont accidentally edit it by grouping everything dealing with torso in one
//group and grouping everything dealing with arm in a second group and using this hot key we can
//toggle templating each group

//toggle templating of selected object(s)
int $mode = `toggle -q -template`;
if($mode == 1){
toggle -state off -template;
toggle -state on -template;

Inspired by,
Nicolas Zinovieff's Highlight tool to make draw overs on the screen