Friday, June 6, 2014

A couple tips for rigging and modeling


The first tip is how to simplify ZBrush body geometry when the head has more detailing.  What i did was use the slice curve brush to mark the head in a new polygroup then i used split by group and was able to decimate and work on the body separately and make it more rig friendly. 

Here's a picture I made trying to improve the anatomy on a bear sculpt i made.

The second tip relates to studying anatomy by gesture sculpting from realistic reference.  Its kind of like gesture drawing.  This sculpt took just about 5 hours and its a nice way im finding to practice learning to see anatomy.

Here's a picture i made of two tigers:

The last tip relates to speeding up set driven key workflow in Maya.  For example if made set driven keys on some forearm joints being driven by positive rotation of wrist, how can we get all those driven keys to work on negative rotation of wrist. I found the copy and paste key options extremely helpful to avoid having to manually go through the set driven key steps.
Here's a brief picture of the options i used:

Hope these tips are helpful.


Inspired by

Michael Pavlovich's (halfchunk dot com) ZBrush online tutorial videos: Sculpting with Michael Pavlovich, they were immensely helpful in learning about uses of polygroups during modeling.

Martin Sacramento  (isoparmB 2.0.1 (maya script)  creativecrash dot com  )
an extremely helpful tool for mirroring blendweighted driven keys

Oleg Alexander (olegalexander dot com -- oa Export SDK 1.0.0 (maya script)   creativecrash dot com)
a very helpful tool to print out non blend weighted driven keys so can reuse driven keys on mirrored side of rig.

John Larson's Tiger Photography