Sunday, July 20, 2014

tips face topology workflow


so far i'm trying out the following in making a semi-realistic face mesh.

--sculpt model planes in ZBrush and create face sculpt (it took me about 6-8 hrs spaced over 3 days)
--use zremesher to create preliminary topology (took about 20 minutes)
--in Maya fix inner eye lid, and inner lip  (took about 2-3 hrs)
--in ZBrush add eyes and adjust eye lid, shape lip, and sculpt closing of lip (took about 30 minutes)

Then i'll start some test shapes to see how the topology is working before moving to a more finalized topology.

and here are some of the rough steps i took

some stages of sculpt
(Philippe Faraut's Portrait sculpting was very helpful for learning more about face planes)

using zremesher guide brush on sculpt

 after adding rough inner lip and inner eye topology
 Here's a rough test of a smile shape i made in ZBrush
i think ill test blinks, and roll to further test how topology is working

Inspired by
Philippe Faraut's Portrait sculpting (philippefaraut dot com)