Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tool idea correcting scale when exporting ZBrush blendshape to Maya (III)


Here's a working version of the script.

Basically just need to select zbrush blendshapes in maya scene, then type in the maya default name and zbrush default name in the function call, the result correct shapes should have a suffix on them like "_naScaled"

Here's the MEL version i wrote:
// updated 07-02-2014 nate ----- working on initial commit

//requires "to recreate blendshapes" selected on scene, input is "maya default mesh", and the "zbrush default mesh".
//also the zbrush default mesh and the zbrush blendshapes need to be of identical scaling, i exported a non deformed one from zbrush after if needed subdivisions
global proc zbrushBlendshapeToMaya(string $mayaDefaultArg, string $zbrushDefaultArg )

    string $mayaDefault, $zbrushDefault;
    //$zbrushDefault =  "polySurface217";
    //$mayaDefault =  "polySurface216";
    string $mayaDefaultAr[] = {};
    //weve got input -- maybe set visibility of originals off, maybe unlock all translate channels of duplicates
    $mayaDefaultAr = `duplicate -rr $mayaDefaultArg`;
    $mayaDefault = $mayaDefaultAr[0];
    string $zbrushDefaultAr[] = {};
    $zbrushDefaultAr = `duplicate -rr $zbrushDefaultArg`;
    $zbrushDefault = $zbrushDefaultAr[0];
    delete -ch $mayaDefault;//clean history
    delete -ch $zbrushDefault;//clean history
    //weve checked selected blendshapes
    string $sectionShapesArray[] = {};
    string $sectionShapes = "";
    //$sectionShapes = {"lt_browLowerer","lt_innerBrowRaiser","lt_outerBrowRaiser"};
    $sectionShapesArray = `ls -sl`;
    if(size($sectionShapesArray) == 0){error("First Select blendshape(s) !!!.  \ninput should NOT be deformed !!! \n");}
    //make a polygon that will be used to offset and correct zbrush blendshapes to make them scaled like maya default mesh
    string $meshCombineName = "";
    select -r $zbrushDefault;
    select -add $mayaDefault;
    string $meshCombineblendNameAr[] = `blendShape`; //make sure blendnode not on scene
    $meshCombineblendName = $meshCombineblendNameAr[0];
    //---make zbrush default move maya default, both need to have identical topology and be in default position
    setAttr ($meshCombineblendName+"."+$zbrushDefault) 1;
    string $meshCombineNameAr[] = {};
    $meshCombineNameAr = `duplicate -rr $mayaDefault`;
    $meshCombineName = $meshCombineNameAr[0];
    //--so mayaDefault back to original so we can use it again
    setAttr ($meshCombineblendName+"."+$zbrushDefault) 0;
    delete -ch $mayaDefault;//clean history
    //done making the offset polygon//
    //start correcting zbrush blendshapes
    for( $sectionShapes in $sectionShapesArray ){     
        //so we start with clean mesh to use
        string $mayaDefaultTempAr[] = `duplicate -rr $mayaDefault`;
        $mayaDefaultTemp = $mayaDefaultTempAr[0];
        //make shape and "created poly" move default mesh
        select -r $sectionShapes $meshCombineName;
        select -add $mayaDefaultTemp;
        string $blendNameAr[] = `blendShape`; //make sure blendnode not on scene
        $blendName = $blendNameAr[0];
        //---do operate math to make result
        setAttr ($blendName+"."+$sectionShapes) 1;
        setAttr ($blendName+"."+$meshCombineName) -1;
        //do saving and cleanup
        $resultShapeName = $sectionShapes+"_naScaled";
        duplicate -n $resultShapeName -rr $mayaDefaultTemp;
        delete $mayaDefaultTemp;//remove unneeded mesh,may want to delete history first not sure
        delete(`pointConstraint -offset 0 0 0 -weight 1 $sectionShapes $resultShapeName`); //clean position of created shape 
    }//end looping over all selected shapes
    //final cleanup
    delete $meshCombineName;
    delete $mayaDefault;
    delete $zbrushDefault;

Hope this is helpful.