Saturday, July 5, 2014

Using polygroups to help sculpt sitting pose in ZBrush


Today i was trying to create a sitting pose using a facial sculpt i made for fun but i didn't want to have to spend too much time remodeling a base mesh first and then posing that.  So i found it helpful to reuse a base mesh i had already created for a quadruped in Maya.  Then i just used ZBrush masking and polygroup tools to make the legs, torso, and back legs separate polygroups.  Then i append this subtool to the existing head subtool and began to try to pose a sitting pose.  Here is a rough sketch i did today.

Hope you find this helpful.

polygroups allow scaling or operating on the whole subtool and the ability quickly operate on parts of the mesh by isolating parts via masking.  (tip after isolating a polygroup by control+shift+click on area of polygroup , control+click away from model to automatically mask it)

i inserted a cylinder subtool to make the back legs connect to the torso
 i merged all the subtools and dynameshed (here i needed a pretty high resolution to roughly keep details of face ~ 1000)

 (another tip of using polygroups is putting the eyes in their own polygroup so we can merge eyes with head and have ability to scale eyes with head while having away to select just the eyes)