Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fun sketch


Thanks for looking.

In making this i found it really fun to draw in the way that felt most natural.  For me i like to draw very quickly and gesturally.  So i used a redish orange brush to be able to work quickly and roughly trying to go for motion.  I continued drawing full body gesture motion even when i wanted to make a facial expression.  I found it fun to have realistic photo reference of animals in motion as inspiration during sketching, it made it feel like had some support with creativity.  Hopefully i'll begin learning to see major strokes that differentiate kinds of animals so they stand out more.   Also for photoshop i found it helpful to have shortcuts for
--merging layers into groups
--making a new layer
--free transform tool
Having these helped to be able to work more spontaneously.  Also taking screenshots as worked rough allows to be able to throw it away in the photoshop file. Also merging color with line when working really rough etc.

Hope this is helpful,

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