Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tip: blendshape sculpting in ZBrush


Here are a few tips i used when modeling these quick 10minute each blendshape poses.

I mostly use mask, move topological/move, smooth, and clay buildup brushes for these. also original model/design.

pose 1:

to get how much to move nose up by, used reference to approximate by one eye

pose 2:
 made masking cover more of cheek so could move lip corners wider then resting nostril

here using rotate tool to get rolling of lips

( i found using a time limit actually helped the sculpting process because it forced to look for and create the most important areas of expression.  later when these skills are built up i may try increasing the time limit to begin sculpting details of expression on a higher resolution mesh )

Hope this is helpful,

Inspired by
Philippe Faraut's Anatomy and expressions in clay (philippefaraut dot com)