Monday, August 4, 2014

Tip: Using ZBrush project all and Maya Sculpt deformer for Modeling


Today i was working on the eye lid area of a dog character i'm modeling and i found that using sculpt deformer was helpful to get lids started poking out from a flatter plane.  Also in ZBrush I found it helpful using the eyeball geometry to project the eye lid onto.  First i masked the eye lid area i wanted to effect then with the eyeball visible used project all.  Then i used move topological to begin getting the eye lids to shape around the eyeball.  Later i may make topology changes to the eyelid depending on deformations.

Hope you find this helpful.


Inspired by Rodrigo Goncalves (rodrigopixel dot com dot br)  (I learned about the potential of using Maya deformers such as for rigging to sculpt shapes from is online tutorials on hair braid breakdown)
Inspired by Marco Menco (marcomenco dot com) (I learned about how he used project all in ZBrush to maintain volume of a face and i was inspired by that tip from his online tutorials)