Monday, September 8, 2014

Hotkey switch Rotate mode in Maya


Today i was working on some rigging deformations in Maya and I wanted to be able to quickly rotate joints either in world space or in gimbal mode, so i wrote a short hot key to do this.

Hope you find it helpful.
//toggle between rotate gimbal versus rotate world, useful during skinning
int $mode = `manipRotateContext -q -mode Rotate`; 
//if your in gimbal put in world otherwise put in gimbal
if( $mode == 2 ){
manipRotateContext -e -mode 1 Rotate; //world
manipRotateContext -e -mode 2 Rotate; //gimbal
A couple other tips for making deformations.
--Using smooth mode with all but two influences locked to get fleshy areas working better after some preliminary weighting is done.
--Using move skin joint tool to experiment with better joint positioning
--Using a plane to figure out how to create joint chains to rotate okay, and also be on ok axis for ikhandle's etc to work well.