Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cartoony Model Sketch


Here are some tips in ZBrush i used to sculpt this:   Design by Ken Hultgren.

 for the trousers:
i duplicated the body subtool > masked out and split away just the lower leg area > then extract adjusting thickness > dynameshing > zremeshing

for the trouser strap:
i appended zsphere > inserted and drew to follow path of strap > used "a" hotkey to preview adaptive skin >  then when done > made adaptive skin

for merging the separated parts:
i dynameshed > used trim dynamic, clay buildup, and smooth to merge areas > used move tool to shape areas.  Trim dynamic kind of acts like smooth but maintains shape of geo and has a little of hpolish to make area look polished.

Hope this is helpful,

Inspired by Ken Hultgren's  The Know-How of Cartooning (pg 41)