Monday, October 13, 2014

Tip Sculpting Fingers/Toes in ZBrush


I'm finding sculpting the fingers and toes challenging due to needing to make indents to separate fingers and their complex forms and shapes.  Here are some ideas that may be helpful for sculpting fingers.

start with a rough form to start hand/foot
-- could be cube
-- could be low resolution
-- could be hi resolution

then to start making it look like fingers and toes are separated:

idea 1:
1.make the whole mesh high resolution > use damian standard subtract brush to draw out finger divisions > use clay buildup to rough out fingers > use hpolish/trimdynamic to make planes of fingers
2. make mesh lower resolution via decimation master > further sculpt finger .. move tool, buildup hpolish etc

idea 2:
Same as idea 1 but instead of making whole mesh high resolution maybe just make a different subtool for just the hands/foot and make it high resolution, then when ready merge it back with the whole mesh (via dynamesh/merge).

idea 3:
maybe if fingers are in longer and curled poses use zspheres for each finger

idea 4:
maybe if fingers are very box like use insert cubes for each finger then dynamesh them all together.


Inspired by Daniel Williams (pointpusher dot com) Online tutorials on sculpting