Saturday, January 17, 2015

A couple ZBrush Maya workflow tips


Today i was working on sculpting a gorilla mesh but i had already done some work on topology for the body of a different quadruped. So here are a couple tips i found useful

1. reusing topology of a different quadruped body on a new animal. I basically just needed to remove the head and legs. then i fitted the topology body roughly to the existing sculpted character with no topology, mainly using the move tool. Then using ZBrush projectall i got the topology roughly fitting the new character. I used move topology brush to get things to match a little better.

2. using polygroups in zremesher topology workflow. Today i was using zremesher guide and found it is so cool it can snap to polygroups. So for the neck area of a mesh i just masked the base part and made it a polygroup. Then during retopology i could make a loop around the neck by snapping the zremesher brush to the polygroup using shift.

3. another tip for topology the eye area in ZBrush is to actually dynamesh the eyeball along with the head. i found this was helpful for zremesher later on to figure out the eye lid loops.

a slightly different tip: use great art anatomy reference to help with proportions. i found that deformations actually depend on appeal and proportions because when arms, legs, torso bends it is nice that proportions are okay so the deformations will look better.

Hope these tips are helpful.


Inspired by
Eliot Goldfinger's Animal Anatomy for artist