Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tip: subtool organization sculpting Animal skull in ZBrush

Happy New year,

I was working on sculpting an animal skull and i found it helpful to use separation of subtools.  Basically i'm using one subtool for cranium, one subtool for mandible and snout area, and third subtool for the bone piece on sides of eyes:

later when proportions working pretty well i'll probably will merge all these subtools into one piece.

Some interesting skull differences bettween human and tiger like skull that i noticed during this rough sculpting:
  1. tiger's eye socket bone doesnt seem to make a full circle as human's
  2. tigers cranium size relative to jaw area is much smaller than human's 
  3. tiger's angle of jaw bone much different from human's, in side view its diagonalish. 
  4. tiger's fleshy part of nose much further in front of eyes than human's
  5. tiger's head / neck attachment more to the right of skull than to the bottom as human's
Hope you find this helpful.
Happy sculpting,

Inspired by:
Philippe Faraut's Portrait Sculpting
Elliot Goldfinger's Animal Anatomy
Feher and Szunyoghy's Cyclopedia Anatomicae