Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Using Dynamesh to block in simple Hair


Today i found it really helpful making a simple hair style using dynamesh and insert sphere.  I show this tip on an original sculpt and design i'm still working on.

Basically i made 3 spheres one for the top of head hair, one for side of hair and the third for the back of head hair.  I then used the move brush and clip curve brush to roughly shape it.  (Note the clip curve is great for making sudden edges).  Then i just used dynamesh with polish on (i used 64 resolution, but try as low as can go while maintaining shape).  Then did some more shaping and used dynamesh again.

Also it may be helpful to view mesh from upside down, backwards etc to get a sense of shapes during sculpting.  I liked that these new views gave a kind of fresher look at the sculpt.

Hope this was helpful.


Inspired by
Daniel Williams (pointpusher dot com)  I first saw the viewing of sculpt from multiple views during sculpting from his online tutorials