Friday, February 13, 2015

Applying Drawing of one animal to other animals


I'm really starting to have fun beginning to apply some knowledge of drawing dogs to other animals.
One thing that was helpful was having some animal anatomy reference for the animal trying to draw that i'm not too familiar with.  In this case its a gorilla.  Basically i'm trying to approach the drawing just like i would a dog (which ive been drawing quite a bit now) but just changing subtly what makes the new animal unique.  Example the palm bends of the gorilla, is neck more towards the sky or towards the ground, general ribcage to pelvis proportions.  I also found it fun trying to imaging some creative face expressions of the new animal.  Another tip is by drawing on a darker background first it allows to be a little more bold with strokes.  Later when darker background is removed the drawing came forward a bit more.

in the drawings below i'm beginning to have fun with adding a little texture to match the animal.


Inspired by:
Sangjun Lee (sangjunart dot com)  -- I really love the expressions and life in his drawings and his work inspires me