Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gorilla 3D Sculpt Sketch


Here i'm further developing my facial anatomy knowledge by sculpting a skull of a gorilla.  After sculpting the skull in ZBrush (approximately 1 hr), I began to design a gorilla facial concept over the skeleton (approximately 1 hr on facial design). 

A tip for sculpting an animal skull in ZBrush is to work on 6 pieces of the skeleton skull separately.
Here's a picture of the 6 pieces I found helpful (eye socket, cranium, upper mouth, lower jaw, lower jaw piece, upper mouth piece):
By doing these splits it makes it easier to adjust areas of skull without affecting other areas.  Note all these pieces can be kept in the same layer (just make sure to put each of them in different polygroups and dont dynamesh until much later on in the sculpting process)

A tip for teeth modeling in ZBrush is to sculpt some teeth then mirror in Y (subtool master mirror tool) to get a beginning for bottom teeth.  Also using ZBrushe's auto group is extremely helpful for being able to adjust teeth individually.  The clip curve brush was also very helpful (as i started with a polycube shape with rather sharp corners so using clip curve from bottom viewing the teeth could soften the hard corners).


Inspired by the amazing animal anatomy work of:

Ken Hultgren ("The Art of Animal Drawing")
Gyorgy Feher and Andras Szunyoghy ("Cyclopedia Anatomicae")
Eliot Goldfinger ("Animal Anatomy for Artists")