Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anozie's "Got Game" Concept Sculpt


Currently working on improving the facial topology.  In blocking out the sculpt from concept i found it helpful using simplified geometry in Maya like spheres and cubes and then in ZBrush dynameshing the shapes and adjusting them in 3D.  I found it also helpful saving ZBrush custom views where can sketch an improvement iteration in 2D and overlay it ontop of the 3D view, then in ZBrush can sculpt to adjust forms to match the 2D drawing.

by automapping the simplified geometry separately in Maya it allows to create polygroups in ZBrush via the polygroup from uv tool.  This polygrouping will help with adjusting shapes while not affecting other shapes.

Happy sculpting,

Inspired by:
Josh Robinson -- i first learned about Zbrush polygroup from uv's by watching his online uv mapping tutorials.