Monday, March 30, 2015

Tip: Maya skin weight painting, 3d sketch


One tip for skin weight painting secondary joints is to first skin a simplified version of the mesh then use Maya's copy weights tool to transfer those weights the more complex mesh.

For example i needed to skin some lip secondary joints so I:

1.  duplicated the skinned mesh
2. selected edgeloops around lip of the duplicate, converted selection to faces, then split faces.
3.  then i drew secondary joints for this simplified mesh and skinned this mesh to the secondary joints.  It was helpful using max influence of 1, and closest distance settings.
4.  last i transfered these weights to the original skinned mesh by first selecting the source weight vertices then the destination mesh vertices then i used the Maya copy weights (one to one). 

A tool i wrote is helpful to get the matching vertex selection of the destination mesh:  naSelectVertsByWorldPosition.mel

Hope you find this helpful.
Happy 3d sketching,