Friday, April 3, 2015

Tip: sculpt dynamic pose in ZBrush

ZBrush zspheres were extremely helpful to begin sculpting a dynamic pose.  Here i'm applying it to some original cartoony dog concepts.

here's the original concept i drew after sculpting a cartoony dog head.
here i'm blocking in the pose and the camera. (its helpful to make a hotkey for the camera, i used a number for hotkey)

here i had missed a torso area but ZBrush was great to allow to insert a zsphere into an existing zsphere hierarchy.
zspheres are great for fingers
here toggling between preview to see how shapes are looking.  Its even possible to tweak the shapes while still in zsphere subtool.

the 2d sketch below took about 3minutes and will be a helpful guide in developing the shapes further.
Hope you find this helpful.

Happy Sketching,

Inspired by:
Alan Camara -- i learned alot about zspheres from looking at his online ZBrush tutorials