Sunday, May 31, 2015


sketches_anozie_0530 from Nathan Anozie on Vimeo.

Have fun sketching.

Happy Sketching!  You can do it

A couple things that i've been finding helpful during life sketching
-- using a spine curve to get a flow of the line
-- having fun and believing that creativity and imagination can fill in missing pieces that may have been missed in a quick pose.
-- looking at weight and balance.  Example where is the head so the body doesnt fall over, where are the arms so the body doesnt fall over in a walk, ... Does the head move during walk? If so why does it move in one direction sometimes and other place another time... Does the hip move in a walk?  Does the torso twist in a walk?  How are the shoulders and elbows different in a run as opposed to a walk? ...


Inspired by Wonjoon Lee ( -- I learned about thinking about the "why" in a movement from talking with Wonjoon

Inspired by Glen Keane -- I've always loved his style of drawing and weight and bold strokes.

Inspired by Frank Thomas -- Seeing his work and reading his Illusion of life book is inspirational.

Inspired by Walt Stanchfield -- Reading his Drawn to Life books on sketching is inspirational.  I love his discussion on exaggerating a pose.