Monday, September 14, 2015

Dog Cartoony Face Expression Design (Anozie)


Here's some of my original dog face cartoony sketches this was about 1 week of work to get to this point.

one thing i'm finding helpful is to to use ZBrush for sculpting the various blocked stylized forms for smile and frown, then in Photoshop i try to begin concepting how the cartoony dog expression could look.

I think I may first
-- get brows working better for ZBrush sculpt
-- get preliminary smile lip area topology
-- then i'll work from there (maybe ill jump into maya for the eye ball and lip topology, and especially the ears)
-- also i'll want to develop the body (how it will walk on 4's (expression sketches for these..) and also on 2's etc)

Thanks for looking,

Happy Sketching!