Sunday, November 4, 2012


I worked some more on some ideas for adding props to a pencil doodle.
I show a concept sketch I made and some ideas for adding tone to concept. I also include some ideas on how I made this.

Hope it is helpful.



1. open pencil doodle in photoshop (i'm guessing if doodle is small less than 8.5 by 11 then maybe should scale up the doodle)

2. if doodle has a different color background remove it using wand selection tool and expanding selection by 1 pixel or so. Then deleting selection.

3. move pencil to top most layer and lower opacity slightly

4. make a new layer on top of pencil normal. ink in in basic outline on new layer (i liked using a brush that tapered off like a pencil and responds to pressure)

5. add rough grey over the doodles using big brush and multiply on

6. erase out major areas of grey

7. erase all pencil for that area

8. refine the grey


1. transfer greyed main character visible layer to a new layer and merge items to layer

2. position character(s) so room to put a background and save a new photoshop file

3. use big brush (example blue) and paint roughly some areas for background, middle ground, and foreground

4. with as big a brush as possible (example light grey) paint some light greys for faces may want something there

5. with as big a brush as possible (example darker grey) paint some darker greys for faces may want something there

6. use pencil (example grey) and block in some smaller shapes and or build on some of the blocked background planes

7. tweak some of the background greys using eye dropper tool (since normal mode bg layers should be able to maintain solid color)

8. use a thin ink and block in some of those shapes


1. remove non visible layers

2. merge all visible layers

3. put separate panels on different layers

4. arrange panels, crop

5. paint in fix spots etc