Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blocking Sculpting Tips in ZBrush


Here, the tip is to first convert primitive to a polymesh 3d then make it into a dynamesh. Then use the insert cubes, cylinder brush to block out shape. After blocking and merging if smooth brush not doing a good job smoothing quickly, the tip is to lower the resolution example I went from a 128 down to a 20 to be able to smooth out the blocking connections.

Once blocking was roughly smooth, I used dam standard brush with low intensity about 20 to rough in where I wanted to put details. Then I went over that with a clay buildup to show those definitions a bit more. Finally in a perspective type of view i used move topological to try to achieve a little better forms. This still needs alot of work but hope the tips are helpful. should be coming soon, I'm currently developing original material to be posted there.


(on the side using the move W, or rotate R tool was hard to use at first but basically the idea is to click on one point of mesh then maybe hold shift and drag to get a snapping movement behavior, let go when ur off the mesh. The middle dot works mostly for moving. The end dot works better for rotation and scaling )