Sunday, December 22, 2013

Character Design -- Joy's Friends


These are original character design concepts I made for my original character Joy's friends.

I first sketched these with crayon on paper, then I brought them into Photoshop.

original doodles:
software used: ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop
 original design/model

This shows how i establish the gesture with a solid brush then block in ovals for the major forms.

hope you enjoy

"just a normal day at the swimming pool, he says"

from the inspiration drawing i made i get an idea for the kind of personality of this character and hence what kind of activities does he/she like to do.  from the quick 5-10 minute sketches i slowly let some construction shapes appear but currently not glued down.

"to save the princess, he replies"

"can't you see i've got skills!, he says"

"after many months of practicing free throws, he finally makes it"

general modeling doodles:

workflow videos


updated: 07-31-2014  added a variety of original concept doodles moved from older short film production page