Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mocap Transfer Tool idea - 2


I'm thinking a nice quick Mocap Transfer tool test is to ignore custom rig that differs from Mocap markers to start with.  Here we'll build skeletons based off of Mocap markers and see if we can use a blending between mocap and some custom animation.

Here the custom rig (fk rig in this case) has joints that have same local rotation axis and positions as the "mocap" markers.

an idea that might work for this mocap/fk blending leg test:
  1. maybe draw a "mocap" joint chain for leg (upleg,knee,foot) at the positions of the mocap markers.
  2. set the joint chain local rotation axis to match the mocap markers
  3. make a control for upleg, knee and foot
  4. make a duplicate of "mocap" joint chain call it "fk_anim" joint chain.
  5. add controls to "fk_anim" joint chain.
  6. make a blend colors node for each joint. each blend color node should take care of the 3 rotates and 3 translates of joint(ignoring scaling).
  7. each joint, feed "mocap" joint to blend color input1. feed "fk_anim" joint to input2.
  8. make a duplicate of "mocap" joint chain call it "final" joint chain.
  9. each "final" joint, add a "isMocap" float attribute for each
  10. each "final" joint, feed "mocap" attribute to blendcolors of corresponding blend node
  11. feed output of each blendcolor to its corresponding "final" joint. Hide "final" joints rotates/translates.
  12. make each "mocap" marker either parent constrain each "mocap" joint with maintain offset on. Or since "mocap" marker and "mocap" joint should have identical local rotation axis and are in same coordinate system could probably directly connect the rotate and translate channels.
  13. parent our upleg geo, knee geo, and foot geo to "final" corresponding joints.

maybe we would get something when we set "mocap" attribute to 1, that our geo moves with mocap.  As we animate "mocap" attribute to 0 should get that our geo moves with the fk animation.

Inspired by Brad Clark, John Hood, and Joe Harkins
Inspired Advanced Rigging and Deformations