Monday, February 10, 2014

Retopologizing Shoulder in Maya (work in progress)


in today's 3, 15minute session i worked on retopologizing the shoulder area of my original Swift character model.

Hope you find these work in progress images helpful.

Some shortcuts i found helpful
-- insert edge cut
-- merge vertices
-- smooth edges on selected
-- snap to vertex
-- insert edge loop


(Topology Tip 1:  its helpful to find reference of the topology area we want to build ... a 3d reference would be great that we could bring into Maya as a guide...  also it was helpful to focus on one area and spend sessions on just that part's topology)

(Project management Tip:  i found it helpful to go back over a couple of rigs i built in the past to see the workflows i used when building the rig/model... This way i have ideas for how to reuse previous work or improve on it ...)

Here are some example images of some of my workflows that i'm still developing....


Inspired by Brian Tindall (hippydrome dot com)