Sunday, February 9, 2014

Using Insert Brush and Clip Curve for modeling face in Zbrush


In today's two 15 minute and 1 30 minute sessions I went over some sculpting in Zbrush tips by working on my original character Smooth's big brother.

take aways:
-- using insert sphere/cylinder primitives together with using clip brush and move to make eyeLids/lips/ear
-- using planar brush to recreate ear by removing old ear
-- using flatten brush to create planes on face
-- using smooth on qremeshed mesh to improve mesh shape
-- reusing a starting head shape to practice new zbrush techniques
-- using anatomy reference to roughly figure out proportions if started with a free style sculpt of mesh
-- using draw over to help refine sculpt

still need to work on
--topology in Maya that maintains style of drawing and preliminary Zbrush sculpt.
--face rig in Maya

Hope this was helpful.


Character Design and Model by myself.

(also please check out the add attribute tool I wrote over on creative crash  )