Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Testing deformation rigging methods on Primitives (rigging and topology)


In today's sessions I found it helpful to test various deformation methods on a nurbs ball.  It helped to focus on the rigging and get some okay topology to work from.  I imagine for shoulder, hip, and wrist area would need to combine a couple primitives together to get some testing topology for deformation.

The two topics i explored in todays two 30 minute sessions were how to remove a piece from a lattice after lattice created, and the second thing is exploring trying deform round objects via lattice rigid bind skinning.

Hope these images i made are helpful.

removing cvs/verts from lattice via paint set weights membership tool.

lattices and rigid binding to joints

Also here is a short mel script i wrote that was helpful to quickly select sets given a set is selected.
(it probably should check that selected is in fact a set and that there is at least one set selected)
string $arg[] = `ls -sl`;
select -cl;
for($e in $arg){
select -add -ne $e;}
selectAllSetMembers outlinerPanel1;


Inspired by Matt Derksen's online tutorials
Inspired by Michael Comet (comet-cartoons dot com) orient joint tool (it was very helpful to build joint hierarchies with ok rotation axis)