Thursday, February 20, 2014

walk cycle using Solsona's Great Dane Rig (work in progress)

Here a rough walk cycle i made using Solsona's rig:
Great Dane Rig by Javier Solsona (rigging101 dot com)

The major take aways for the animation was that I looked at Richard William's pictures of extremes, pass, and inbetweens for a normal walk together with Harold Whitaker's pictures of a tiger walking to treat the dog walking as like two bipeds walking. I looked at the front legs separately from the back legs. It turned out I could use extremes for front legs as pass position for back legs and vice versa.

Michael Comet's auto tangent script was also really cool to apply on the rough smooth keys i made.

For workflow i wrote a copy pose tool (see my earlier post) and a couple other useful tools I wrote were a select all objects in layer tool, and a key all selected in blocked tool.

select all objects in layer:
//select all objects in selected layer
string $selLayer[] = getLayerSelection("Display");
if(size($selLayer) == 1){
 layerEditorSelectObjects $selLayer[0];
else{print("Requires one layer selected !!!\n");}

key all selected in blocked from:
string $selA[] = `ls -sl`;
if( size($selA) > 0 ){
 setKeyframe -itt "flat" -ott "step" -breakdown 0 -hierarchy none -controlPoints 0 -shape 0 $selA;

Inspired by
Richard Williams The Animators Survival kit
Harold Whitaker and John Halas Timing for Animation
Michael Comet (comet-cartoons dot com)
Javier Solsona (rigging101 dot com)