Friday, February 21, 2014

Tips for rigging project workflow


I'm still developing my own learning and project workflows.

Today i wanted to share a couple tips that may be helpful.
I first saw something related in Daniel Williams demo modeling videos online

--Think about what currently do as completing project and write it out
--Write out questions have about ways to make it easier to complete project

Here is an example I wrote this morning that I think will be very handy on my future projects:
Why do i want to learn a walk only rigging workflow?
--- allow me to create walk cycle animations with cool characters
--- isolate need for things not going to use for walk cycle

Why do i want to learn a Lip face sync rigging workflow?
---isolate number of blendshapes needed to create
---ex: if sentence has no a's maybe don't need that shape :)

Why did i do the following?
place one screenshot of current project on desktop?
place direct link to folder with project in side bar?
place direct link to reference for current step in project in side bar?
To be able to quickly know what currently working on.. (same reason for adding nurbscircle note shape in Maya… title lets me know what step i'm currently on)


Inspired by
Todd Henry's Accidental Creative (toddhenry dot com)
Daniel Williams (pointpusher dot com) online modeling tutorial videos