Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tip Preview Smooth Mesh in Maya without Wireframes

Happy Tuesday,

A quick tip to see a smooth version of mesh without having to deselect so can see without wireframes is to first duplicate the mesh .. then connect the shape's outmesh into the duplicated shapes inmesh.  Now by tapping 3 with duplicated mesh selected we can see a smooth version of mesh.  Also when we make changes to the original mesh all changes will be seen in real time on the smooth mesh.

Hope this is helpful.

Also please enjoy these two sketches i made today.   


Inspired by Joerg (joerg-volk dot com)
I one day asked Joerg to doodle in my sketchbook and he did, I watched how he held the pen so lightly.  Since then i've been trying that technique out on my sketches, loosely holding the pen ( i like ball point pens but since mine ran out a couple days ago, i've moved to using a sort of brush like pen).