Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tip: Intro modeling in Zbrush using drawovers

Happy Thursday,

Basically in making this i made mostly use of two insert brushes:
insert cube, and insert sphere. and the move and clay build up brush.

A neat thing about using the insert sphere and insert cube is we can begin to block out parts we want to later model. Like here i blocked out the torso with a cube, and the shoulder with a sphere.  Basically i started with the face and used insert brush but then split the masked points into new group.  This produced new pieces i could work on separately.

Here is my current original concept I modeled and designed:

Another major thing that i talked a little in one of my earlier posts is using drawovers to kind of mark goals we want to go for technically both in rigging and in modeling.  I remember John Lasseter mentioning in one of his papers about art challenging the technology and the technology in turn inspiring the art. 

Hope this is helpful.


Inspired by
John Lasseter