Thursday, April 17, 2014

Allow for base topology tweaks after started sculpting in ZBrush


Its possible to make changes to the base topology that was used in ZBrush and apply ZBrush tweaks onto the new topology.


We can export the lowest division ZBrush model into example Maya.  Then in maya make the topology tweaks and export it back to ZBrush.

Then in ZBrush append this topo modified mesh to the existing ztool that had the ZBrush tweaks.  Add enough divisions onto the imported mesh.  Then project the ZBrush details onto the new topology mesh (need both subtools visible and use the project all feature of ZBrush default settings should work okay).  voila weve got our new topology mesh with all the ZBrush details we created.

Hope this was helpful,

Here's a work in progress sculpt i'm currently making in ZBrush.


Also for some great information on the use of helper joints to create deformations check out Rich Diamant's lecture videos on rigging at (rd3d dot com)