Monday, April 21, 2014

Using move topology brush in ZBrush to work out edgeloops

Happy Monday,

Here i'm trying to work out the topology for this original character i designed and i'm modeling.
I think i will now go back into Maya to add some middle edgeloops to the back leg, and try to make some improvements on the topology in the arm pit area.  I'll also try to work out eye lids and front and back paws in Maya.

The move topology brush in ZBrush (after pressing shift+F to view edgeloops) was very helpful to move edgeloops in ZBrush to try to follow the form of the mesh.  Also by slightly rotating reference concept using (deformation, rotate) it allows to better see reference as sculpting.  And by putting reference on an appended plane subtool (using texture map, after importing texture) the concept can be saved along with the tool for easier reusing.

by using ctrl+D from the base mesh we can add a series of divisions allowing us to make more finer details.  After i fix up the topology better i'll reapply some of these details back onto the new topology mesh using project all.

Hope this was helpful,

Inspired by,
Jonathan Paine (isculptmaquettes dot blogspot dot com)
Joe Dela Torre (joedelatorre dot net)
Adrien Montero 
Christopher Wright
Attakarn Vachiravuthichai (artbyatt dot com)