Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simple texturing in ZBrush

Happy Thursday,

This is an original character i designed, modeled and am starting to learn how to surface.

For designing his clothing it was very helpful to make a sketch of the goal on top of his starting mesh.  And during modeling trying to get to the concept.  I used primitives like cylinders, spheres to create most of the clothing.  For the inside jersey i subtracted out a sphere to get the collar area.

Some very basic ZBrush coloring tips.  Use color fill object to actually put color on the different subtools.  need mrgb selected with no add to begin placing color.  Also need to have a brush like standard brush selected.  To choose a color already painted,  drag from the color slider onto the model.

There are some topology issues with this mesh that i will correct and continue to work out his surfacing.  It would be great if i can learn to apply jersey material to his jersey to add the patterns i created in the sketch.